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 © 2019 Atelier #315 

Designer Glass Barware.

Handmade locally in Hardbrücke in Kreis 4 of Zürich Switzerland




Founder and Saatchi artist Dr Julie Anne Denton has opened a design firm creating complimentary glass barware products in the upcoming area of Hardbrücke in Zürich, Switzerland. It is called Atelier #315. Forged by fire A#315 includes clients such as Liberty's of London, Tate Britain, Phillip Morris International, Manx National Heritage and Globus among others.

our products.

Atelier #315 creates one of a kind handmade barware accessories from highest quality Pyrex and recycled glass. Our products include bottle stoppers, reusable drink stirrers and glass ice cubes. Whilst constantly developing, our aim is to create beauty in the everyday items we use. We achieve this by embracing traditional hand skills in unison with contemporary glass designs. We are focused on sustainability by creating half of our product line with recycled bottle glass sourced from local restaurants. We enjoy recycling the glass from used bar products (spirit bottles) because it creates a sublime loop of connection between our new handmade barware products counterbalanced by their former industrial beginnings. We pride ourselves in creating unique gifts for life whilst caring about our environment.


Atelier #315 barware products are made by hand using a large glass burner which runs off oxygen and propane. It heats the glass at approximately 1'250°C. The glass comes in transparent rod form and can be bought, or made from raw materials which include heavy/precious metals, arsenic and sand. Further, there is a substantial coloured glass palette available, which we apply hot in unison with the clear glass - This is how we achieve our designs. Not only are we using commercially purchased glass from the United States, but we are also recycling glass bottles which we melt down to create some of our products, in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. Once our glass pieces have been made we must rest them in a hot oven for 24 hours. We do this to release the stress from the glass by cooling it down slowly. When the pieces are finished they are tested for both quality and beauty. Any pieces which do not make the grade are discarded. Our pieces come in a luxurious box which includes a romance note revealing the company story and describing the products, plus a gift label. The ice cubes come in a special freezer bag, as do the drinks stirrers. We pride ourselves on the quality and superiority of our pieces in comparison to other 'similar' products currently on the market.



T. +41 76 443 6931 
E. info@atelier315.ch
A: Atelier #315
8005 Zürich