The world is becoming smaller and now that I have a family and responsibilities I find I don't get the same opportunity to travel and teach.


One of my great loves!

Now I would like to share my technical knowledge with you through the internet. You will see from the following videos how much I enjoy the process of creating art in glass. I hope you watch these videos and become inspired!



on E_learning glass video tutorials

​Julie Anne Denton what you clearly are is a serious student of the medium who wants to share and amplify knowledge with integrity, which in my eyes, is what it is all about.



on E_learning glass video tutorials

"I must tell you a story! When we were in Norway, I downloaded a picture  of a boat and a beautiful view ánd a penguin in front who was waving. We send it to a family-app and said it was such wonderful weather in Norway. We laughed a lot and thought about who would be first to say it was a lie. There are no Penguins in Norway!! Nobody did... In fact, they were all in awe about the view. We were very disappointed in them!

So I had to download the Penguin Tutorial! Perhaps I give them to the family members who know where they live haha!


I send the pictures to you (opposite). I must practice some more, especially where to start and where to end and not going back and forth. Otherwise they break (oh, and they are a bit wonky and the feet, and the beak and...well practice) It is different from boro!

Thanks for the videos!"


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