Download includes a video tutorial, for those of you that have been to my workshops I am sure this will be a great supplement to reinforce and remind you of the techniques you learned.

What subjects we will discuss in this video:

This tutorial touches upon creating sculptural flameworked pieces using soft glass. We cover flame type – neutral and oxidising and when we may use them during our work. Introducing soft glass into the flame without shocking the glass. Creating a gather in glass. Working out the appropriate size of your work depending on its use – jewellery versus sculpture. Creating a figure which looks sensuous and human rather than making a figure which is flat and two dimensional. How to add glass three dimensionally. Gravity should work in your favour, how to make the best use of it and create sensuous transitions in glass thickness. How to create a perfect set of open legs without over adding the glass so it sticks to the other leg and without under adding glass so as the space is too wide between the legs. How to punty up your sculpture and the difference between a cold join, a warm join and a hot join. How to make sure chilled (marvered) glass doesn’t crack. When to leave certain areas to cool without ever going back to heat during the making process. Why catching air bubbles inside your gathers only leads to tears. How to cool uncontrollable hot glass quickly. Why you should not panic during the making process. How to make smooth joins between shoulder and arms. Use of different flame sizes depending on the type of flameworking needed. Breast creation and how to make realistic lumpy bits and nipples. Why you should look at the dimensions of your sculpture and not just go through the technical process without carefully judging the proportions of your piece. How to deal with reduced soft glass which won’t turn back to its original colour, how to cheat and why it’s ok. How to drill a hole in hot glass using a tungsten pick. The joy of batch annealing and how to finish your piece post punty.

Video length: 22.19 minutes

Video size: 766 MB

Please remember if you choose to download this demonstration video it should not be shared with others; it is unique to you. We are a business and we need to live off what we do. Thank you for your understanding.

How to make a female torso pendant

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