Download includes video tutorial, for those of you that have been to my workshops I am sure this will be a great supplement to reinforce and remind you of the techniques you learned.

What subjects we will discuss in this video:

This video starts the journey into creating sculpture with soft glass. Talk about torch type plus the gases used and why we use these gases. Different flame types and what we use them for, why glass reduces – turns grey. Introducing soft glass into the flame without shocking the glass. Gathering large amounts of glass using either the zen gather technique or the quick gather - pro’s and con’s. Why failure makes perfect. Gravity should work in your favour, how to make the best use of it and create sensuous transitions in glass thickness. Using a stamp with your initials. Different ways to make your glass animal stand – three legs versus four legs. How to add a large amount of glass to a very small space. Keeping the core temperature even and why it’s important. How to make sure chilled (marvered) glass doesn’t crack. Why it is unwise to have sharp angles in your glass pieces. How to punty up (glass holding rod) your sculpture. Use of stringers when creating fine detail such as eyes. Why speed is the key when it comes to creation. Using the edge of the flame to make small adjustments to your work. Dot/heat control and how to make eyes look in a certain direction. Batch annealing, why your pieces will break and how to get over the pain. Taking your cold penguin off the punty.


Please remember if you choose to download this demonstration video it should not be shared with others; it is unique to you. We are a business and we need to live from what we do. Thank you for your understanding.

Making a glass penguin.