Download includes video tutorial, about JAD pdf and a visual pdf of broken-down steps, for those of you that have been to my workshops I am sure this will be a great supplement to reinforce and remind you of the techniques you learned.

Video length: 30.18 minutes

Video size: 845MB


What subjects we will discuss in this tutorial:

This tutorial rounds up the intermediate flameworked figure lessons by including the creation of full legs (together) and simple arms and hands. Safety using lighters to light your torch. Using a thicker rod of glass for figure stability. Ways borosilicate is different to soft glass. When to spot heat glass so as you can work it without it moving.  Flattening the posterior of the Primitiv3 figure to make it more wearable. Adding glass three dimensionally so it looks human rather than flat and two dimensional. Why adding more glass to the hips creates great thighs. Creating legs using shears. Adding the first layer of powdered colour. Making calves using the ‘Zen’ gather. Making fine adjustments to make sure your figure is on centre. Kneecap creation. Adding powder so as your glass looks primitive, and why not to add powder to your figure creases such as in between the legs. Why working on centre is really important for making better work. Creating the creases for the pubis. Zen gather to create the figures body. Why techniques are complicated and why they differ (how they aren’t so different from) simple techniques. Adding the crease for the backbone and using your shears to create shoulders. Why glass is the master and not you! Have respect for the glass and what it wants. Creating simple arms and hands How to add the second hand backwards. Creating the bellybutton and simple easy breasts. Heating away making lines to suspend the viewers disbelief. Why pendant loops should be as thick as possible. Making a hole in glass using a tungsten pick and tweezers. Why practicing on scrap glass using the tungsten pick is a wise idea. How to fix loops which have become too thin. How to add simple feet to your Primitiv3 figure pendant. Using the torch for balance went you have the shakes.


Please remember if you choose to download this demonstration video it should not be shared with others; it is unique to you. We are a business and we need to live off what we do. Thank you for your understanding.

How to make a Primitive Figure pendant