This series of E-courses is designed for beginners in sculpting off-mandrel forms in soft glass.


This class is designed by glass master Dr Julie Anne Dentona and is a stand alone course, but purposefully designed as a follow on from Julie 1: Animals in soft glass. This course will build upon the techniques learnt in Julie 1 using the figure to further develop your off-mandrel learning curve in the comfort of your own studio. In this E_course you will learn how to make a torso, a venus, a full figure with closed legs, a full figure with 'dancing' legs, full figure with arms and legs both close to the body and separate. We will also touch upon feet, hands and heads. These forms will teach you a variety of more tricky techniques. We will be making these figures in both soft glass and borosilicate glass; although if you prefer just to use one of the glass types this is fine. To be bilingual in glass types is something many many pipemakers cannot claim ;) By the end of this three week course you will feel like an entirely new world of sculpting off mandrel through flameworked glass has opened up to you. Expect breakages and tears. What we are creating is tricky and takes practice, logic and an enquiring mind.


Class includes:


x5 groups of video tutorials showing you how to make a torso, a Venus, a Cycladic figure, a figure with closed legs, figure hospital and a fully formed tree spirit in soft & hard glass.


This option does not come with the x5 'one on one' consultations with Dr Julie Anne Denton (15 minutes per session), for individual help with techniques and checking on your progress. It is highly recommended that you choose the option with the consultations.


You can work through this course at your own pace. You will be invited to a private group where you have access to all videos, visual pdf's and photographs of what you should be aiming for.


Skill Level: Own torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. Experience in flameworking is helpful but not a necessity.

Julie 2 'Figure' - Entire E-course plus 5 private consultations

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