This course is designed for learning the key techniques to gain the confidence to begin to work with borosilicate glass on a larger scale


This workshop is designed to gently introduce the sculptural beginner to a larger scale off mandrel form exercise in borosilicate glass. The sculpture will be large but will be broken down into manageable bite size chunks throughout the course. The ghost flower sculpture will be made in components during this one day class. The flower can be up to 40 cm tall depending on how confident you feel and how far you are willing to push your own boundaries. We shall focus on the use of multiples as a way to create a more complex form, we will utilise glass ‘bridges’ to help us construct the form easily and the flower will demonstrate just how versatile borosilicate glass can be. We will learn how to keep the heat in our borosilicate forms during the making process. Thereafter we will learn how to control the heat in our glass and pull those sensuous forms you desire by using the inner heat in the glass to your advantage, or by using that natural phenomenon: gravity.
By the end of this one day workshop not only will we have created a large glass flower but we will also learn  how to safely use a sandblaster with our 'fragile' flameworked objects to ghostify our finished object without breaking it. After completing this workshop your confidence using borosilicate glass will have risen considerably.


What our participants say about our remote courses: 
"I am thrilled!! Without this class I'd still be sitting out there making (not so pretty) beads! I had no clue what I was doing and now I'm doing flamingos!!!! :)"


Participants ideas about our 'one on one' consultations: 
"Julie, your instruction is fabulous because you give us the little tips that make us successful and don't keep them as secrets"


Skill Level: Own torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. A little experience with borosilicate glass is helpful, and it is even better if you have already completed Julie 1: Animals in soft glass course.


Class includes:


Three + hours of super condensed video tutorials, visual pdfs of the technical steps, photographs of how the flowers can look -  for inspiration and a pdf of the minutes to accompany the VT (Video Tutorial).


This option does not come with the x2 'one on one' consultations with Dr Julie Anne Denton (15 minutes per session), for individual help with techniques and checking on your progress. It is highly recommended that you choose the option with the consultations.


You can work through this course at your own pace. You will be invited to a private group where you have access to all videos, visual pdf's, photographs of what you should be aiming for and minutes from the workshops so you can go back to anything you may have missed easily.


Skill Level: Own torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. Experience in flameworking is helpful but not a necessity.

Ghost Flower - Entire E-course without consultations

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