Download includes video tutorial, for those of you that have been to my workshops I am sure this will be a great supplement to reinforce and remind you of the techniques you learned.

What subjects we will discuss in this video:

This video touches upon best practice when handling your glass torch on a daily basis. We will be making a glass owl using a beadmakers mandrel. We are using soft glass and we cover topics such as coefficient of expansion, different glass types, striking colours, trapping bubbles in glass and why its preferable not to do it, creating good gathers. Hot glass control and when to let it ‘chill’. Glass is an insulator not a conductor. Keeping the core temperature of the glass owl even and why it’s important. Boiling glass and how to avoid your glass being scarred. Adding powdered colours. Using tools to form your shape. Using a stamp with your initials. Adding cold murini’s to your work without the murini cracking making use of the transient heat in the glass owl. Different ways to make your glass animal stand – three legs versus four legs. How to add a large amount of glass to a very small space. How to make sure chilled (tooled) glass doesn’t crack. Using a scalpel to create fine embossing. Dot control. Easy annealing plus temperatures.

Video length: 19.30 minutes

Video size: 716 MB

Please remember if you choose to download this demonstration video it should not be shared with others; it is unique to you. We are a business and we need to live off what we do. Thank you for your understanding.

Making an (incensed) owl

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