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  • Starts Mar 4
  • 575 Swiss francs

Detailed Course Description

Teaching EXCLUSIVELY online for Zurich Glass School we would like to present master lampworker Loren Stump - Loren is represented online only by ZGS This is the second EXCLUSIVE course from Loren which consists of Saturday morning virtual sessions (USA) for six weeks. In this course master and material genius Loren Stump teaches us the strictly kept secrets associated with what the collectors want! Paperweight set-up and vacuum encasement: Session 1 - Start with the end! We immediately hop into making a finished paperweight including vacuum encasement - Why? Because it takes time and practice to become accomplished at this part without any fear. Session 2 - Regular and complex stamens Session 3 - Numerous three dimensional flowers Session 4 - Making frit to include on the 'floor' of your paperweight Session 5 - Assembly set-up Session 6 - Show and tell There will be an accountability group where we all meet to show our successes and failures – This is also the place where you can use the ‘watch back’ facility and re-watch any and all of Loren Stump's all-important and informative demos. Once class is over, you have exclusive access to these demonstrations for three months to really get those techniques embedded in your minds and hands. Class includes two complimentary one on one consultations worth 40CHF with Dr Julie Anne Denton to help you with the tricksy bits, whilst receiving personal help and encouragement with the projects. Further, visual technical handouts will be provided which act as a handy reminder for the demonstrations at a glance. Don't feel ready? Go and take the Loren Stump 1 e_course, now and prepare yourself for paperweights -