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 © 2020 Atelier #315 


on wine bottle stoppers

"A little anecdote for you: when I moved over to Zurich last year my father gave my sister one of the stoppers, he gave one to me and had one himself to have at home with my mother. He bought it at the Christmas market last year. He gave it to us with the intention of it being a memento of the fact that no matter how far apart we are in distance, we all had an item that could remind us of each other and that we are still a family. These beautiful stoppers have become a very important symbol.



on demonstrating at glass festivals 

"A demonstration by Julie Anne Denton, www.julieannedenton.com who I regard as one of the most creative artistic flame-workers in the UK at the moment surprised me as I had not appreciated that Julie is "into" casting glass in sand. "Into" being a most appropriate term as her long hair makes the preparation of the mould somewhat precarious but does at least offer the opportunity to seal strands of hair inside the glass. The pouring of molten glass into the mould is exciting and well worth the wait. It's all about teamwork and I would have loved to have seen the slight disagreement  between the assistants to develop into a full-scale argument with hot glass gobs being hurled at each other! She has a unique way of drawing out information, something which others would benefit from copying."         

 Pearson,I. (2009). A Review of the International Festival of Glass 2008, Stourbridge. British Society of Scientific Glassblowers Journal (Volume 47 - No1), pp. 30-40. 


on E_learning glass video tutorials

​Julie Anne Denton what you clearly are is a serious student of the medium who wants to share and amplify knowledge with integrity, which in my eyes, is what it is all about.



on recycled Monkey 47 drink stirrers

I am so sorry I only discovered these now. How wonderful Christmas would have been. They arrived safe and sound. Including a lovely printed organza bag for storing, or in my case gifting. This is such a great idea! Breathing new life into an unused bottle so it can live on as coffee / tea stirrers that work wonderfully well as honey dippers too. How lovely is that! Thank You Atelier315. x



on E_learning glass video tutorials

"I must tell you a story! When we were in Norway, I downloaded a picture  of a boat and a beautiful view ánd a penguin in front who was waving. We send it to a family-app and said it was such wonderful weather in Norway. We laughed a lot and thought about who would be first to say it was a lie. There are no Penguins in Norway!! Nobody did... In fact, they were all in awe about the view. We were very disappointed in them!

So I had to download the Penguin Tutorial! Perhaps I give them to the family members who know where they live haha!


I send the pictures to you (opposite). I must practice some more, especially where to start and where to end and not going back and forth. Otherwise they break (oh, and they are a bit wonky and the feet, and the beak and...well practice) It is different from boro!

Thanks for the videos!"